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25 March 2009

My officemate Darlene is a graphic artist. On her free time, she creates artworks that she posts in iStockPhoto. One of these artworks is a nifty illustration of a tarsier perched on a bamboo tree.

It turned out that some guy (also a graphic artist) copied her illustration (or more specifically, traced her tarsier design without her permission) and subsequently used it in his official entry to a certain Company Logo and Brand Icon Contest held in Cagayan De Oro City. Unbelievably, he won a prize for his entry (Php 40,000 to be exact).

Not sitting idly, Darlene was able to contact the guy in order to demand an explanation and importantly, some artistic credit for her artwork. Unfortunately, the guy refused to give her due.

Now, I don't know the specific rules of the contest or how the judges weigh originality in the contest entries. And I'm sure he has his reasons for doing what he did. But winning an artwork contest for something you did not create is just not right in my book. Not right and not fair. Shameless, it is.

Here is Darlene's artwork.

Here is the guy's site.


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