Figures of Speech

09 January 2009

Elections are wickedly fun with all the mudslinging, character assassinations and dirty shenanigans in the air. In less than 400 words, write a speech announcing your own candidacy for the highest post on a platform of "change". Be convincing and inspirational. Kinda like Obama. Here's what I did:

(394 words)

I stand before you today, just a man. A man who goes to work in the morning and comes home to his family at the end of the day. A man who goes to church on Sundays, a man who enjoys the beach every once in a while, a man who makes time to watch his daughter’s volleyball game.

Just like you, I listen to the news everyday and my heart is filled with despair. I hear stories of fellowmen denied justice because of poverty. Stories of mothers turning to immoral means of living just to get by. Stories of kids, selling trinkets just to buy bread, some prowling the streets instead of schools, sniffing glue instead of reading books, destroying their lives instead of building their futures. Stories of men, elected by the people for public service but whose interests turn out to be more selfish, more vile than those of the worst criminal.

Just like you, I find myself asking questions. Questions like — why isn’t the government, the so-called public servants, the powers that be, doing anything? Where have they all gone — the people whom I entrusted with my vote and duly paid taxes —where were they when we needed them most? What happened to the promises made — of a good life, better governance — the promises of change. Just like you, I asked myself these questions until my mind grew weary and my spirit drained.

Now I realized I was asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking “What have they done for me lately?”, I should have asked “What have I done lately?” Instead of “Where were they?”, I should have asked “Where am I in all this?” How can I help? What can I do? Yes, my fellow countrymen, I realized that I don’t have to sit here and whine about it. I realized I, you, we .. we have the power! Yes, my fellowmen countrymen, the change begins in us! The change can happen now! We are who we choose to be! And we deserve better!

I stand before you today —a man. Just like you. But with your help, together we can lead ourselves and this country to a better and brighter future! My name is G_____ and I am running for President. Join me on the path to change — it is now or never!

Thank you!


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