PR Laughs

06 June 2008

This week's exercise is to write a humorous public relations announcement about any corporate event, real or fictional. Minimum of 50 words. I did three:


Cebu companies launch garage sale

CEBU CITY — Cebuano establishments plan to launch a massive garage sale by month’s end at Plaza Independencia.

Collars Inc., the retail business subsidiary of the Toymaker Group, is organizing this event.

According to spokesperson Mrs. E. Legal-Accion: “What makes this event so special is that establishments such as Innodata, CITOM, M. Lhuillier, Nokia, Norkis, City Hardware, Cebu Clean Services, B!Bo SM, and Tanduay Five have agreed to donate their old uniforms to this massive polo shirt sale! I’m sure that interested buyers will be excited with the variety of choices during this event!” Contributed

IT firm inks deal with corporate supplier

CEBU CITY — Groundbreakingly innovative and seemingly perfect I.T. outsourcing firm iComm International recently held a contract signing with Collars Inc., a recipient of DTI’s 2006 Best Franchise Award and also the retail business subsidiary of the Toymaker Group.

Said B. Lapiya, VP of Sales of Collars Inc.: “We are honored to be picked by iComm International for their corporate attire needs. We are confident that we can provide them with the initial supply of collared shirts by the start of next month. Let’s just say that an upcoming business venture by month's end will enable us to double our current supplying capacity.” Contributed

Call center coalition unveils new motif

CEBU CITY — Daysleepers Association has announced that they will hold a fashion runway concert at Asiatown I.T. Park to launch their new corporate motif designed by international designer Vicky Cantle. According to Cantle: “The coalition is comprised of call centers like PeopleSupport, Convergys, eTelecare, Qualfon and NCR and it’s time we updated their corporate motif to something more chic, and completely unique. That’s why I’ve decided to infuse them with the color of Paris Gray. After all, it’s the new black and I’m sure no company has used this color yet.” The new motif will formally be implemented in early 2009. Contributed


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