We Got Back

20 February 2008

This week’s exercise is writing copy for a novel’s back cover in less than 200 words. Titles to choose from include:

- The Last Outrage
- Strangers in Paradise
- The Year of Yes
- The Devil in the White City
- A Life in Two Genders
- Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
- Sleeping with the Fishes

I chose the last option. Here’s what I did:


“A masterpiece of contemporary fiction.”
- Village Voice

Fleeing from a messy breakup, struggling songwriter Amber Jones decides to take an extended vacation in London, particularly in the town of Bromley. In a local pub, she develops a fast friendship with a young Irish immigrant named Akron Fish and his teenage sister, Zadie. This friendship would soon blossom into something else as she finds herself drawn into the sensual and colorful world of the mysterious Akron while trying to deal with the ambiguous advances of Zadie whose conflicted sexuality might possibly mirror her own.

“In Sleeping with the Fishes, author Lee Stailey brings a new maturity to her spare but unusually beautiful prose and delivers a work that truly astounds.”
- Time Magazine

“A new voice in modern literature has emerged. Stailey deftly reveals the distinct nuances and flaws of her characters whilst never neglecting to provide subtle but contemplative explorations on sexuality and human nature in general.”
- Los Angeles Times

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